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Used Cars For Sale Under $10,000

Shop Used Cars For Sale Under $10,000 in College Park, MD

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Get A Used Honda For Under $10,000

If you thought that getting a reliable Honda vehicle was out of reach, think again. We are happy to offer you a reliable used Honda for under $10,000 in College Park, MD. Keep an eye on our listings though, as these cars go fast!

Drive a Honda Civic For Under $10,000
Donít worry, we arenít talking about Civic models from 20 years ago. We have late model Honda Civics for sale for under $10,000. Our technicians inspect each car to make sure they run smoothly, and you can rest assured that your bargain buy will also be a Honda that you drive for years to come. We also encourage our customers to test drive as many of our cars for under $10,000 as they need to in order to reach a decision--itís a hard choice! Whether you need a Honda Accord, Honda Civic, or want to trim down with a Honda Fit, we have the right used Honda for you at a price tag you canít ignore.

Have You Tried a Honda Fit? Itís Fun, Stylish, and Under $10,000
The Honda Fit is the kind of car that youíll see on our used lot for under $10,000 from time to time, but after you take it for a test drive, youíll wonder why the original owner wanted to give it up! The car was designed with aerodynamics in mind, and as a result, youíll get close to 40 MPG/highway. The compact size also makes the Fit easy to parallel park in the city, but you wonít have a problem fitting your luggage or a few friends in with you. If you want to experience the latest in style and efficiency, stop by for a test drive of a used Honda Fit for under $10,000 in College Park, MD.

Enjoy Some Test Drives - We Arenít Stingy
We understand that we havenít made it any easier for you to make a decision--how are you supposed to choose a used Honda when you have so many options for under $10,000? Weíll tell you how--take some test drives. The best car will often speak for itself! If youíd like, you can call ahead and set up an appointment. If youíd rather just show up and see what we have on the spot, youíre welcome to do that as well. Either way, we highly recommend experiencing the quality of our unique Honda vehicles.

We hope our relationship continues after you purchase your used Honda for under $10,000 in Bethesda. Our parts department and Honda service center offer everything a car owner needs:
  • An easy way to order car parts and accessories online.

  • Technicians to help you order the right parts.

  • A full service center and collision center.

  • A handful of great discounts on service and coupons for accessories and replacement parts.

If you need anything or have any questions, reach out to us on the phone or online. We want to get you into a beautiful used car that you can afford!