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Trade In Value

Get the Trade In Value For Your Used Car

Honda Trade In Value In College Park, MD

Is it time to move on to a new vehicle? We understand your concerns. First of all, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of options at your disposal--College Park Honda can help you narrow your search down to exactly what you need, at a price you can afford.

Once you’ve decided on a new Honda though, you have to get rid of the old one! While no one’s stopping you from trying to sell your used Honda to the highest bidder from your front lawn, we have a better option--trade it in at our Honda dealership in College Park. We can promise you a good Honda trade in value in College Park and a fair, hassle-free exchange. You simply drive up in an old car and drive away in a new one!

Our Simple Online “Value Your Trade” Tool
We like to make things as easy for our customers as possible, which is why we provide an online tool that tells you how much your vehicle is worth. Our “Value Your Trade” tool is powered by Kelley Blue Book, so it will give you a reliable, accurate number. All you have to do is provide basic car information when prompted and click “submit!”

This means that you can arrive at the dealership with a number in mind, which in turn will help you decide on the perfect new Honda for your budget. No more anxiety, no more wondering! Still, we’ve learned a few things over the years about how to get the best trade in offer possible--here are some tips.

  1. Clean the Car Up, Even If It’s Just a Little
    Bringing a used Honda to us that still has Cheerios in the back seat will only hurt your trade in value--we are human, after all. Cleaning the car is an easy, obvious and free way for you to maximize the value. Real estate agents talk about the importance of “curb value” regularly, and cars aren’t exempt from the rule!

  2. Don’t Expect a Good Offer If Major Repairs Are Needed.
    Don’t expect much for a vehicle that needs a new transmission. Ask yourself how sellable the used Honda is in its current state, and then bring it to us. Sometimes you can improve the trade in value of your car dramatically by having relatively “undramatic” work done to it. Whether a car needs aesthetic work or engine work, we advise you to get it done prior to trade in.

Honda Trade In Value In College Park, MD: Save On Taxes When You Trade
Here’s one of the best parts about trading in your used Honda vehicle: you can subtract the amount you receive in the trade from the total value of the car before taxes, lessening your tax burden.

There are many great reasons to trade your Honda to us at College Park Honda, and we hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach us online!