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Current Honda Lease & APR Offers

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Accord Coupe
4 available incentives
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Accord Sedan
10 available incentives
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Civic Coupe
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Civic Sedan
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Are you looking for Honda offers in College Park, MD? Get ready--College Park Honda is currently providing a full line of brand new Honda vehicles loaded with incentives. Low APR for qualified buyers, cash back offers, and special lease deals are only the tip of the iceberg! If you need a new Honda in College Park Maryland, our Honda dealership is the best way to get a reliable car are an unbeatable price. What’s the Point of Leasing a Honda Accord in Bethesda, MD? Many customers come to us wondering if they should buy or lease a new Accord in Bethesda. Is leasing a wise financial decision? Is it smarter to buy? These are valid questions. For the right person, leasing a new Honda can actually be the best choice though--here are just a few reasons why you should consider a Honda lease offer!

  • Leasing Benefit #1: No More Maintenance Concerns!
    You already know this, but we’ll go ahead and remind you: owning a car is a continuing cost. Maintenance down the road will ensure that you’re still spending money on your car even when you are no longer hit with monthly payments! Leasing gives you a new car for the first couple years of a car’s life--other than an oil change here and there, that means no more wear, tear, and maintenance. Furthermore, your Honda lease from College Park Honda will still be under warranty!

  • Honda Lease Offers in Maryland Lower Your Sales Tax
    Don’t you just love paying sales tax when you buy a new car? We didn’t think so. When you lease a Honda with us, you only pay sales tax on the amount of the car’s value that you use. In other words, you only pay sales tax on 2-3 years of the vehicle’s value! For tax-conscious car buyers, we think this pay-as-you-go car tax plan sounds like a great reason to lease a new Honda near Bethesda.

  • You Get a Brand New Car To Drive Every Couple of Years
    Do you wait in line for new phone releases? Do you like to see pre-screenings of new movies? If you like to be ahead of the crowd, then a Honda lease is definitely for you. You’ll never drive an old car again (although “old” Hondas are famously reliable to drive), and you get to experience the best of Honda’s cutting-edge technology as soon as it’s released.

0% APR Sounds Great - What Does It Mean? An “Adjusted Percentage Rate” calculation goes like this:

  1. Track down and make a note of all of your initial car-buying fees, then dd them up.
  2. Take that total and add it to your annual interest rate..
  3. Figure out the years on your lease term. Divide the total from step 2 by the number of years on your lease term.

Do you want to learn more about our new Honda offers in College Park, Maryland? Our knowledgeable finance staff would love to help you make wise financial decisions, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out online.