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Honda CR-Z

Have You Been Looking For The Best Place To Buy A New Honda In Maryland?

If you like to enjoy the shopping process as much as the actual purchase, our Honda dealership in College Park is the destination for you. We have every new model available, from the award winning CR-V to the fashion-forward HR-V Crossover. Do you need legroom and storage space? We have it. Do you want a comfortable and classy ride? We have that too. We even have off-road options if you want your new Honda to be a little rough around the edges. Stop by our Honda dealership in College Park and test drive them all!

Stay Active With a New Honda CR-V In College Park, Maryland
A new Honda CR-V in MD starts around $23,000. Thatís roughly $20K for a brand new, award winning car that gets over 30 mpg highway! With five different models of the CR-V to choose from, College Park Honda has you covered. The base model, or LX, will safely get you where you need to go without the frills and extra cost. As you step up the CR-V ladder, you can add features like premium materials, interior technology, all wheel drive, and advanced navigation systems. We have the perfect CR-V model for you and your family, guaranteed.

Need Something More Rugged? Try A Honda Ridgeline in Bethesda, MD
A new Honda Ridgeline comes with a unique ability: to blend in on the city streets just as well as it belongs off road. With seven different Ridgeline models to choose from, we can promise that thereís the right option for you. Even the entry-level RT model features modern gear like a push-button ignition, bluetooth, subwoofer, and multi-angle rearview camera. Efficiency-wise, the Ridgeline can achieve up to 26 mpg on the highway, and AWD options make the Ridgeline a great option for towing and winter weather. The Ridgeline also offers many different looks and color schemes, from vibrant colors to pure silky black.

Go Classic With the Famed Honda Accord
A new Honda Accord in College Park, MD is about as reliable as it gets. You have three options to choose from: the Sedan, the Coupe, and the Hybrid. The sedan is the most classic example of an Accord, with a roomy interior and stately outward appearance. The sedan model also has the best non-hybrid MPG--it reaches up to 36 mpg highway. The coupe comes with loud color options and features a sporty aesthetic. The high performance doesnít sacrifice efficiency though, as the coupe still reaches 34 mpg highway. The hybrid looks anything but; it features a sleek modern take on the classic Accord while reaching 46 mpg highway. If you have a hard time making up your mind on a new Honda Accord in College Park, we understand. Test drive them all!

We have plenty more options where those came from. The Honda Pilot will expand on the room and performance of the CR-V, and the Fit takes efficiency to a whole new level. If you like to avoid the beaten path, then we suggest trying the edgy new CR-Z. We have a car for everyone!