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The Fit EV includes an advanced HondaLink™ system as standard equipment. With this system and the Fit EV app, you can communicate with your vehicle from a smartphone using the Android or iOS operating system[1], a personal computer or the interactive remote. HondaLink™ allows you to monitor the Fit EV’s state of charge, commence charging, and see how long it will be before the car is fully charged. You can even find out what the current estimated range is. To help you reduce the cost of recharging, the system allows you to set the charge timer to take advantage of off-peak charging rates as well as to pre-cool the cabin using electricity from the grid rather than the car's battery.

Interactive Remote

The Fit EV also includes an interactive remote control for those who don't use a smartphone. The remote works within 100 feet (30 meters) of the vehicle and allows you to start or stop charging, as well as see the vehicle's current state of charge. Want to pre-cool the cabin on a hot day? Use the remote to turn on the air conditioning.

Navigation System

A navigation system is standard equipment on the Fit EV and is specifically programmed with EV life in mind. It includes FM Traffic[2], for example, so that you can plan your route before you leave and avoid battery-draining slow spots. It also includes concentric circles to indicate your current estimated range based on the battery’s state of charge (the smaller circle signifies the range for a round-trip, the larger signifies one-way). The system also includes the location of both 120-volt and 240-volt public charging stations.

[1] Data rates may apply. App will be available on Android and iOS operating systems. [2] The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ is standard in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. (FM Traffic service only available in the United States, except Alaska). Please see your Honda dealer for details.
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